Sharing Meetup Tokyo

What is Sharing Meetup Tokyo?

~It is a potentially lucrative meet-up event between all the service providers related to the sharing economy and users of such services!~

This is a one and only such event for peer-to-peer sharing economy businesses in Japan!

Sharing Meetup Tokyo is an ideal platform especially designed for those who are involved in this new sharing economy approach.
It provides the opportunity to learn about various perspectives, by showcasing services, systems, and peer-to-peer exchange of know-how for sharing economy related businesses.
This event attracts both individuals and corporate bodies intending to start sharing economy related businesses, as well as those interested in learning how to convert idle assets into sources of income, or for those interested in learning how to reduce costs through the efficient use of this sharing system.

Sharing of “Goods”

Flea market application

Rental services
(Clothes, outdoor items, baby products, etc.)

Sharing of “Space”

Vacation rental, Office/meeting rooms
Apartments, Parking facilities, Retail premises

Sharing of “Skills”

Business skills
(Start-up, promotion planning
/ WEB related skills)

Outsourcing (Housekeeping, nursing care, childcare)
Cooking, miscellaneous experience/expertise, time management

Profit sharing


Sharing of “Transportation”

Car shares, Ride sharing, Bike sharing

The Shift from “possession/ownership” to “sharing”

Attention is currently being raised and focused on a new business model and new lifestyle choices which involve sharing under-utilized assets possessed by individuals or by corporate bodies.

The domestic market size of this new sharing economy is expected to increase from 28.5 billion Japanese yen to 60 billion Japanese yen in the 5-year period from 2015 to 2020, amounting to a growth rate of 210%, according to the research by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan.

The sharing economy holds enormous potentialities to generate innovative business models such as C-to-C and C-to-B services.

In addition, the development and expansion of ICT technologies and outsourcing/assistance services which support the sharing economy also generates new business opportunities.

Thus, Sharing Meetup Tokyo truly offers great opportunities to experience the unlimited potentialities which are the value of the sharing economy approach.

Sharing Meetup Tokyo not only improves existing sharing economy services by providing a matching platform for exhibitors and various stakeholders, but also aims to generate new businesses in the sharing economy.

So please join the event and share and explore new business opportunities with others!

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